Joseph Maruskin - 

Our Team

Sr. President

My first exposure to the sales field was when I was employed by Homestead Valve. This occurred after spending four (4) years with the U.S. Air Force. After spending my tour with the AirForce, I spent an additional four (4) years earning my degree in Engineering and Business Management. My first position with Homestead was a sales correspondent, shortly thereafter; I was transferred to Michigan as a Regional Manager. I held this position for numerous years and for whatever reason, Homestead changed their marketing strategy from direct factory people to representatives. I decided to take that line on and form my own organization and the rest is history.

Barbara Maruskin -


Email: contact@jgmvalve.com    Cell Phone: 248-882-6200

I will be starting my 43rd year this January. We started out with just a two-person organization, and we worked up to where we are today. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. My pass time is crafts, embroidering and cooking.

Email: barbara@jgmvalve.com  Phone: 248-926-6200 Ext. 105

Joey Maruskin -

Vice President/Sales

 I graduated From Ferris State University with a Dual BS Degree in Small Business Management & Marketing Sales in Feb of 1985. I recently started my 40th year working with JGM Valve. I constantly tell everyone that I am the Luckiest person in the world. I absolutely love what I do! I get up everyday, & go out to help solve customers' toughest problems! I have 2 Children. Angelina who is attending Kentucky University, studying Sports Communications, & Joseph III, who currently attends Milford HS, I am an avid sports fan, who loves to attend all of the major sporting events. I love entertaining clients, whether it's golfing, concerts, or dinners. It is the best way to get to know your customers, outside of the workplace. My motto is, "that if your going to entertain, do it right, it doesn't cost that much more, to do it 1st class"


Email: joey@jgmvalve.com    Cell Phone: 248-763-8000

Sean Maruskin -


Has worked with JGM Valve for 32 years.  Member of WEF, AIST, MWEA, AWWA

Email: contact@jgmvalve.com    Cell Phone: 248-515-3500

Chuck Bugeja -


Has worked with JGM Valve for 20 years. Has 48 years of experience in the water/wastewater industry. Member of MWEA, AWWA, MRWA. Involved in: One of founding members of the MWEA Maintenance Committee, Maintenance Committee Chairperson since 1995, Operations Challenge Committee Chairperson since 1996, 10 Years Operations Challenge.

Email: chuck@jgmvalve.com    Cell Phone: 248-882-2200

Heather Spurlino -


Has worked with JGM Valve for 1-½ Years. Has 15 years experience in the water/wastewater industry. Member of ORWA, OWEA, AWWA

Email: heather@jgmvalve.com    Cell Phone: 513-594-3544

Stephanie Johnson -

Office Manager/ Project Manager

Has worked with JGM Valve for 17 years. Handles all projects from design to completion, providing sales support, and marketing. I enjoy spending time with my family, quilting, crafts, traveling, cooking, baking, canning, and golf.

Email: stephanie@jgmvalve.com  Phone: 248-926-6200 Ext.102

Cyndi Beyette -

Inside Sales/Accounting

Has worked with JGM Valve for 3 years. Handles accounts payable, accounts receivable, inside sales, and sales support.

Email: sales@jgmvalve.com   Phone: 248-926-6200 Ext.107