Amico/Seasafe is a manufacturer of molded fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) grating. Seasafe's products can be used in various markets and applications including water and wastewater, chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, metals and mining, transportation, telecommunications, architectural and recreation.

GatorGrate is a one-piece (integral), reinforced polyester or vinylester FRP grating available in standard panels and sizes. It is manufactured by interweaving continuous, thoroughly-wetted, fiberglass strand with thermosetting resin systems. Typical applications include floor systems, walkways, work platforms, stairs, ramps, trench covers and catwalks. GatorGrate's integral, long-lasting anti-slip top surface makes this the grating of choice in many industries. It is preferred when slippery working conditions are present.

GatorDeck has a primary advantage over molded FRP gratings (other than being generally lower in cost): It has superior load-supporting ability over longer spans. GatorDeck is the result of a continuous molding technique in which glass roving, glass matting and a synthetic surface veil are literally pulled (pultruded) simultaneously through a flame-retardant polyester or vinylester resin bath. GatorDeck also features a two-part mechanical locking cross-rod, which increases the support and stability of the grating under extreme loads. The patented flush-top design of the cross-rods and bearing bars also enhance the unidirectional strength and provide easy fabrication and installation.

Territories Served:  Michigan