The Milliken Valve Company designs, develops, manufacturers and markets plug, butterfly, and check valves and their respective controls and actuators. These valves are used primarily in the water, wastewater, and industrial markets.

Milliken Valve was started over two decades ago manufacturing the eccentric plug valve for the waste water and HVAC marketplace. Growth has been constant with the addition of a lubricated plug valve, AWWA butterfly valve, general service butterfly valve, swing check valve, rubber flapper check valve, double disc check valve, wafer (outside spring) check valve, globe style check valve and compact wafer check valve.

Milliken believes that in order to satisfy our customers, our products need to be considered the best design and the highest quality within the industry. All of our valves have had extensive testing before they are marketed or sold. Milliken’s quality standards are a step above the industry norm, and Milliken is committed to standing behind its products in the field. All valves are tested in complete conformance to applicable standards before shipment. In addition, valve designs are routinely sent to independent testing facilities to ensure they meet or exceed expectations.

  • Eccentric Plug Valves
  • AWWA Butterfly Valves
  • AWWA Check Valves
  • Swing Check Valves
  • Check Valves
    • 2"- 54"
    • Wafer Style
    • Dual Disc
    • Outside Lever & Weight
    • Air & Oil Cushioned

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Territories Served:  Michigan Ohio

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